Top Price for a Broncos-Packers Ticket (So Far): $6,662

After eking out their latest miracle victory against the Cleveland Browns, the Denver Broncos have a 6-0 record going into a bye week, setting up one of the most anticipated games of the 2015-2016 season to date: a match-up against the also-undefeated Green Bay Packers.

The face-off will be at the center of the November 1 Sunday Night Football broadcast — meaning it will be seen nationally in prime time.

In addition, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen will be inducted into the team's Ring of Fame during the event. And it will likely be the last time quarterbacks Peyton Manning, who's tottering toward retirement, and Pack superhero Aaron Rodgers face each other on the gridiron, unless they do so in the Super Bowl (we hope).

These ingredients add up to a very hot ticket — and a very high ticket price.

How high? Damn high — although the peak sum is definitely a moving target, as you'll see.

Yesterday afternoon, when I first checked Stubhub, the most expensive ticket was going for $4,683.19. Then, I got a phone call, and by the time the conversation concluded, the priciest ticket was nearly $2,000 higher.

Here's a screen capture showing the $4,683.19 items; there are two of them for that amount (meaning it'll cost more than $9,000 for the pair), located in plaza level end zone 235:

And here's the offer that supplanted it: two-to-four field-level sideline tickets in section 120 for $6,662 apiece:

What if you don't have a fortune to spend and are fine with any seat, so long as it's in the stadium? The cheapest tickets on Stubhub as of yesterday were going for $365 a throw:

A bargain? Not by the standards of other NFL games being played that same weekend.

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Yesterday, for instance, the least-expensive seats for the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the currently undefeated Cincinnati Bengals were going for $89 a pop, ones to see the undefeated Panthers versus the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football for November 2 were $70, those for the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints were $65, and the Seahawks-Cowboys contest ducats were $34.

What are the prices for Broncos-Packers tickets as of the publication time of this post? Well, they've changed again. The least expensive are going for $400 now, while the top price is $4,683.19 again — suggesting that someone already purchased the $6,662 ones.

Who might consider paying top price for Denver-Green Bay tickets? Packers fans, probably, since most Broncos boosters are terrified that Denver's crazy winning streak will be coming to an end that evening. And who wants to break the bank for that?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.