Top ten alternative Denver places to take Republicans deciding on 2016 convention site

Earlier this month, we noted that Denver had made the latest cut of cities being considered to host the 2016 Republican National Convention -- and today, GOP advisers are reportedly in town to scout the city.

Where should they visit to get a sense of the Mile High City beyond the usual tourist attractions? We came up with an alternative list for a 2012 travel blogger convention that should either convince the Republican staffers to recommend Denver or send them fleeing to Cleveland. Count them down below.

Number 10: One senator's favorite DIA bathroom The artwork at Denver International Airport has inspired plenty of conspiracy theories -- but Idaho Senator Larry Craig got a different kind of inspiration a few years back, when he reportedly tried to arrange a tryst in a DIA bathroom. Sex marks the spot! Number 9: The dankest corner in Denver In 2011, Westword contributor Sensei Skywalker set out to identify the dankest-smelling street corners in a city known for a certain skunky scent ever since the medical marijuana industry took off. The winner? West 6th Avene and North Kalamath Street, about which she wrote: "The smell of ganja overpowers every inch of this busy corner as a sea of cars continuously pours on and off Sixth Avenue. Pedestrians walking out front during a First Friday event at the Battery should take it slow and enjoy the wonderful smell of Mother Nature's goodness that envelops the air from the plethora of medical marijuana grow houses nearby." Continue to keep counting down the top ten alternative Denver places to take Republicans deciding on a 2016 convention site. Number 8: Bat Masterson pissed here "Technically, the downstairs restrooms in the century-old Oxford Hotel are not intended for the public -- but they're just too lovely not to share with the world," notes a 2001 Best of Denver blurb in a continuation of our lavatory theme. "The men's room can claim magnificent marble urinals -- the very vessels that Bat Masterson is rumored to have emptied his, er, weapon into." That's the kind of history that brings a sense of relief. Number 7: Thrilled to Death No slap at Elitch's, but there's something special about Lakeside Amusement Park, and particularly the Wild Chipmunk, which is memorable because while riding the rickety-looking contraption, most people are pretty damn sure they're going to die. And not in an "It's scary, but I know I'm going to arrive back safely" way. Really die. Continue to keep counting down the top ten alternative Denver places to take Republicans deciding on a 2016 convention site. Number 6: Whiling away the Hours The Golden Hours is the Lakewood motel on West Colfax where John Hinckley Jr. stayed for sixteen days and nights (in room 29) while planning to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. Maybe Republican officials can perform an exorcism. Number 5: A whole new Willie's Shotgun Willie's, the venerable strip joint in Glendale, was recently remodeled. Among the new features noted by Melanie Asmar in a November 2013 post are "a glass-sided 'board room' complete with a T-shaped conference table, leather chairs and a flat-screen TV capable of showing PowerPoint presentations, if that's your thing." Sounds like a great place for politicians to get "work" done! Continue to keep counting down the top ten alternative Denver places to take Republicans deciding on a 2016 convention site. Number 4: Get your glow on Here's how we described the Rocky Flats Lounge, on Highway 93 between the metro area and Boulder, in a list of Denver's best dive bars: "This bar gives a whole new meaning to getting lit -- at one point, it was the payroll office for the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, the federal facility right across the highway that started producing plutonium triggers for nuclear bombs in the early '50s and operated up to 1989. But the Rocky Flats Lounge has a lot more going for it: gritty ambience, great drinks, a deck with expansive views of the Foothills (and future wildlife refuge going into Rocky Flats) and fish fries on Friday nights." Number 3: Who let the dogs out? Yes, certain corners of Denver have a dank aroma (see number 9). But the Purina Dog Chow factory makes an entire part of the city smell good enough to eat -- if you're a Goldendoodle. Continue to keep counting down the top ten alternative Denver places to take Republicans deciding on a 2016 convention site. Number 2: Baseball and bars go together! In Kyle Garratt's list of ten things you probably didn't know about Coors Field, he wrote: "We've all probably sat next to or have been the person who has one or six too many beers and starts yelling at the shortstop to 'At least hustle down to third base since you're making all that damn money!' When that person decides to show the shortstop how to do it themselves and runs onto the field, they get thrown into holding cells hidden in the depths of the stadium. 'They're used from time to time for unruly fans,' says Rockies spokesman Jay Alves. They're not really jail cells, but are there to be used 'as seen fit by the Denver Police Department.'" Number 1: Get your kink on! The Crypt, at 8 South Broadway, is a place dedicated to servicing Denver's kink-set. Would that be of interest to powerful politicians away from home for a few days. Signs point to "yes."

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