Top Ten Angry Tweets (Some by Broncos Haters) About Chris Harris Cheap Shot

In some ways, the Denver Broncos were lucky yesterday, despite the unfortunate final results of their game against the Tennessee Titans.

The Broncos lost the contest 13-10, a defeat that exposed the offense, even under returning starter Trevor Siemian, as being incapable of making big plays when they count — and likely doomed the squad's playoff hopes.

But afterward, fans whose anger would ordinarily have been directed at Siemian, coach Gary Kubiak, fumbling new running back Justin Forsett and more were instead focused on the Titans' Harry Douglas, whose block into Broncos cornerback Chris Harris's knee caused a fracas that nearly turned into a full-out, bench-clearing brawl.

Here's a look at the incident....

...and here's the post-game response of fellow Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib, who characteristically stirred up the most trouble on the field and promised to beat Douglas's ass afterward.

While Harris accused Douglas of trying to end his career, the Titan insists that his actions broke no NFL rules.

Not many members of Twitter Nation sided with Douglas, though.

In fact, plenty of them said that while they're not Broncos fans, they found the play to be the cheapest of cheap shots.

See what we mean by checking out our picks for the ten most memorable tweets on the topic.

Number 1:
Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Number 5:

Continue to see five more memorable tweets about Harry Douglas' cheap shot on Chris Harris.

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