Top ten Colorado posts on Raw Confessions

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Number 6: Staying at the Hilton "Me and my friend went on vaca. in Colorado and we watched 1 Night In Paris and that XXX movie sucked. Like, did u see Rick Saloman's dick? Like gross. I mean I seen some ugly dicks in my life, but if you got one, no matter how big, why videotape it?.... My rating on that video was a negative 100." Number 5: He seems like a keeper, doesn't he? "Females complain how guys and their attitudes are instead of what made them that way -- like the shit the female population has pulled on them. How about this one: Having a baby is like starting a guaranteed retirement account for 20 yrs. Is it worth supporting your x wife and not getting any for it? I do not think so. It was not worth it when i was with her and it sure ain't worth it now. If I knew back then, I would never have had kids. They never see any of the money but her retirement account does. Eat shit, Jennifer ____ of Colorado Springs." Page to continue reading the top ten Colorado posts on Raw Confessions.
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