Ten Cities That Sent the Most Transplants to Denver

Ten Cities That Sent the Most Transplants to Denver
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Denver continues to grow at a crazy pace, with transplants aplenty causing the city's population to swell. Now, a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data reveals the ten cities that have contributed the most new Denverites in recent years. And while many of them are major metropolises from across the country, the top of the roster is dominated by communities in Colorado.

This last finding echoes information we shared in the August 2016 post "Where Are Transplants Moving to Denver From? Here Are the Top 29 Places." Census Bureau data from between 2009 and 2013 collected by the Sparefoot website showed that 64 percent of those who moved to Denver County during that span — 42,674 people — relocated from another county in Colorado. That meant the remaining 36 percent, representing 23,751 people, came from out of state.

These trends have continued. According to a report jointly created by LawnStarter and the Bellhops Denver moving service, the Denver metro area grew from 2,554,864 to 2,853,077 between 2010 and 2016, a gain of 298,213 residents. That's an increase of 11.7 percent, making the Mile High City and its immediate surroundings the seventh-fastest-growing region in the country with a base populace in excess of one million.

The study reveals the previous homes of these newcomers, as well as what its authors characterize as "counterflow" — the number of people from Denver moving to the locations even as others were putting down roots here. Also spotlighted are the cities that added the highest number of former residents, those that lost the most to our town, and the comings and goings of those in six Colorado places.

Note that the 2011-to-2015 data shows that Coloradans made up 19 percent of those who relocated to Denver over that span — far fewer than the 64 percent from 2009 to 2013. If you've been seeing more out-of-state license plates during your commutes lately, that's a big reason why.

Here are the details. Click to read the complete report.

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10. New York

Number of people who moved to Denver: 2,436

Percentage of all movers: 1.69 percent

9. Phoenix

Number of people who moved to Denver: 2,519

Percentage of all movers: 1.75 percent

8. Washington, D.C.

Number of people who moved to Denver: 3,004

Percentage of all movers: 2.09 percent

7. Dallas

Number of people who moved to Denver: 3.021

Percentage of all movers: 2.10 percent

6. Chicago

Number of people who moved to Denver: 3,544

Percentage of all movers: 2.47 percent

5. Los Angeles

Number of people who moved to Denver: 3,922

Percentage of all movers: 2.73 percent

4. Fort Collins

Number of people who moved to Denver: 4,011

Percentage of all movers: 2.79 percent

3. Greeley

Number of people who moved to Denver: 4,803

Percentage of all movers: 3.34 percent

2. Colorado Springs

Number of people who moved to Denver: 6,842

Percentage of all movers: 4.76 percent

1. Boulder

Number of people who moved to Denver: 9,340

Percentage of all movers: 6.5 percent


10. New York

In: 2,436
Out: 976
Net gain/loss: +1,460

9. Phoenix

In: 2,519
Out: 3,431
Net gain/loss: -912

8. Washington, D.C.

In: 3.004
Out: 1,561
Net gain/loss: +1,443

7: Dallas

In: 3,021
Out: 2,202
Net gain/loss: +819

6: Chicago

In: 3,544
Out: 1,170
Net gain/loss: +2,374

5: Los Angeles

In: 3,922
Out: 2,778
Net gain/loss: +1,144

4: Fort Collins

In: 4,011
Out: 5,640
Net gain/loss: -1,629

3: Greeley

In: 4,803
Out: 6,795
Net gain/loss: -1,992

2: Colorado Springs

In: 6,842
Out: 7,235
Net gain/loss: -393

1: Boulder

In: 9,340
Out: 8,517
Net gain/loss: +823

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