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Top ten speed traps in metro Denver, 2014 edition

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Beginning in 2011 and continuing in 2012 and 2013, we've posted about the top ten speed traps in Denver based on nominations from users at Speedtrap.org. For our fourth annual collection, we've broadened the scope to include picks in the metro area as a whole. Count down the top ten here, featuring interactive graphics of each area (if you have problems seeing the images, click "View Larger Map"), links and original Speedtrap.org text.

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Number 10: 20th St & Blake St at the corner of Coors Field, Denver

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The cops stand there on the sidewalk with lasers devices and pull over everyone in the right lane by pointing at them. The cop accused me of going 40 in a 25. There is no way. I had a whole defense put together but it just got tossed. Stay going 20 on 20th street!!!!

Number 9: Offramp southbound onto Titan Parkway from Southbound Hwy 85, Littleton

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As you exit Hwy 85 southbound, you ascend a ramp to a stop sign. The police wait to the east across the bridge, watching for cars to fail to stop. If you roll though the stop sign they will nail you. The hypocrisy: the week after I was ticketed, I watched a Douglas County Sheriff's car roll through the very same stop sign without stopping! (Naturally, I was delighted!)

Continue to keep counting down the top ten speed traps in metro Denver, 2014 edition. Number 8: C-470 at Morrison Road, Morrison

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Local police sit off the highway on the westbound side of C-470 with a laser gun. Speed limit on C-470 is 65 -- which no one obeys. If you are just keeping up with the commuter traffic, the cop will pick you out of the crowd and issue an expensive citation. This is obviously not a safety issue. C-470 bypasses all of Morrison proper, and this is clearly a way for Morrison to make money.

Number 7: East Bound 80th near Carr, just West of Wadsworth, Arvada

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Motorcycle cops sit at Carr clocking cars coming from the west. Speed limit is 45 until you get close to Carr where it changes to 35. Cops are clocking cars while the traffic hasn't hit the 35 speed limit sign.

Continue to keep counting down the top ten speed traps in metro Denver, 2014 edition. Number 6: 14th and Pennsylvania, Denver

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Revenue generator! Red Light Speed Trap: Tickets are issued even if you enter the intersection on yellow. East bound traffic is faced with two traffic lights that are "Out-of-sync" with the flow of traffic. Drivers are accelerating up a hill and barely make the first light. If they "press on" they will "run" the traffic light at 14th and Pennsylvania. A police cruiser is planted on a side street and routinely issues tickets for running a red light. (IMHO) It is unlikely that police officer's vantage point (view) from the side street can DEFINITELY assess whether or not your car's front tires entered the intersection when the light was yellow or red (Which, according to the officer issuing the ticket, is the way the police Department determines whether or not you broke the law).

Number 5: 104th and Grant, Thornton

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Basically coming up the hill northbound on Grant approaching 104th- motorcycle cops have been sitting at the top near the gas station, mostly focusing on Northbound cars as they approach 104th.

Continue to keep counting down the top ten speed traps in metro Denver, 2014 edition. Number 4: County Line Rd southbound between Holly & Colorado, Centennial

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It's a hill going down. Even if you are moving at the speed of traffic (54 mph) you will get $100 fine/4 pts. Motorcycle cop came out of nowhere. He was very diminutive -- hard to see.

Number 3: Sheridan & Alameda Denver

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Eastbound Alameda has a large hill immediately after crossing Sheridan Blvd. At the bottom of the hill is a church, then a moose lodge and the police officer parks his car in this parking lot, waiting for anyone who didn't ride their brakes down the hill. Wash, rinse and repeat all day long. Sometimes, he wants a change of pace and sits on the other side of the road to catch westbound people.

Continue to keep counting down the top ten speed traps in metro Denver, 2014 edition. Number 2: S. University Blvd, between Dry Creek and Easter Avenue, Centennial

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Cops are ticketing citizens on S. University Blvd, between Dry Creek and Easter Avenue. I was traveling 4 MPH **UNDER** the speed limit and got a $100 fine.

Number 1: WB 29th Ave between Zuni and Speer, Denver

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School Zone for one measly block. Likes to flag down people going 35 to get them for 15 mph over. Motorbike cop on the sidewalk with laser walks into the street and directs you over to the side. As soon as I pulled away, immediately pulled over the next victim. Fines doubled since it's a school zone, $305 for going 35 mph, pure money grab at its best.

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