Tori Jo Carlson Busted After Bizarre Crime Spree

Editor's note: A spokesperson for the Tilted Kilt says Tori Jo Carlson worked for the company for approximately three months during a time period two-to-three years ago and is no longer an employee. Continue for our previous coverage.

Tori Jo Carlson hardly looks like the kind of person to terrorize a neighborhood.

But that's precisely what members of the Thornton Police Department believe the 22-year-old did.

Carlson, whose Facebook page lists her place of employment as the Tilted Kilt (and includes several photos that appear to have been taken at the venue), was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of kidnapping, burglary and more after allegedly threatening a number of residents at gunpoint and briefly taking control of a child, age four.

The Facebook gallery for Carlson features a number of provocative pics, including this one....

...and this one....

...and this one....

...as well as a more standard portrait:

But the actions ascribed to her on the morning of Monday, October 12 by victims who spoke with CBS4 strike a very different tone.

According to the station, a woman later identified as Carlson banged on the glass door of a resident living on a cul de sac in the Hunters Glen neighborhood, not far from the Thornton-area intersection of 136th and Washington.

"‘I need help, I need help, I need help," he quotes her as saying.

But then she pulled a gun on him.

He responded by quickly returning to his home, locking the door and dialing 911.

Rather than attempting to bust in, Carlson is said to have entered a second home and pointed a gun at the man inside. He, too, was able to simply extricate himself from the situation, taking refuge in another room and locking the door — and she left on her own.

Moments later, Carlson allegedly entered a third home, this time occupied by a woman named Melanie Clements, who was watching a friend's four-year-old.

“She pointed a gun at my chest, cussing and screaming that she was going to kill me,” Clements told the station. “She kept cussing and yelling, ‘You know what I want, you know what I want.'"

Actually, Clements didn't have the slightest clue what Carlson wanted — but after an extended conversation, she managed to convince the intruder to put down her gun.

Finally, Carlson received a phone call, and as she answered it, she briefly left the home with the child. However, Clements was able to grab the four-year-old, take him back into the house and lock the door. Thornton police arrested Calrson a short time later.

At last report, Carlson, who lacks a previous criminal record, was in custody on a $50,000 bond. She's being held on kidnapping, burglary and felony menacing charges.

Below, see Carlson's mug shot, followed by a pair of CBS4 reports — the first an overview of the incidents, the second featuring extended interviews with neighbors describing their ordeal.

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