Traci Adams accused of luring ex-boyfriend to house so new love Mark Manyik could kill him

It didn't take long for El Paso Sheriff's Office detectives to hone in on Mark Manyik as the shooter of Robert Miles, 55.

Why? Manyik left a voicemail for a detective saying he planned to blast Miles in the belly using a shotgun, and that's precisely what he's accused of doing -- after current girlfriend Traci Adams allegedly lured Miles to his doom.

The information comes from an arrest affidavit obtained by the Colorado Springs Gazette. According to the document, Miles, Adams' previous beau, and Manyik, 48, had a history of antagonism. Manyik told officers Miles had once used a table leg to threaten him, in addition to possibly breaking Adams's nose this past spring -- an incident not reported until last month.

Detective Patrick Gattenby was assigned to look into this matter. Initially, Adams, who's 47, declined to cooperate. But last week, something apparently happened to set off Manyik, who is said to have left a voicemail on Gattenby's office line this past Friday threatening to shoot Miles in the belly with a twelve-gauge.

Turns out Gattensby was off that day and didn't hear the message until the following Monday -- by which time Miles's midsection had already been fatally perforated.

What happened in the interim? The Gazette reports that the day before the shooting, Adams, who had moved in with Manyik, phoned Miles not once, not twice, but sixteen times. She's also suspected of meeting with him at a bar and inviting him to her place.

She presumably didn't mention that Manyik was just inside the entrance, armed with the aforementioned shotgun. Manyik later told cops who responded to what they described as a home invasion and burglary attempt that he'd been cleaning the weapon when Miles burst in -- after which he pulled the trigger.

Adams, who was supposedly showering at the time of the shooting, later told detectives a different story when confronted with phone records showing she'd been in ultra-close contact with Miles prior to his death. The affidavit says she admitted to calling Miles only minutes prior to his arrival, letting him know the door was unlocked and he should let himself in. And after the shooting, she allegedly took his phone as he writhed in agony and later disposed of it.

The motivation for her actions? She told detectives she was afraid Manyik would leave her if she didn't help out.

Now, of course, their separation is being enforced by authorities -- although they are under the same roof, more or less. According to the sheriff's office, the pair are being held at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center without bond on suspicion of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, aggravated robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

Look below to see booking photos of Manyik and Adams, as well as to watch a report about the crime from KKTV in Colorado Springs.

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