Travis Masse, former Broomfield teacher and wrestling coach, under investigation for texting about sex?

Channel 31's story about Travis Masse, a former Broomfield High School teacher and wrestling coach, may be a bit ahead of itself.

The text version of the piece, which can be watched below, says that Masse "is under investigation after being accused of sending inappropriate text messages to underage female students" -- a contention backed up by a quote attributed to the Broomfield Police Department that an "active investigation concerning inappropriate text messaging" is underway.

But BPD spokesman Sgt. Scott Swenson stresses that the department hasn't said Masse is the target of the investigation.

"The only thing I've released or said is that the police department is doing some followup on allegations of inappropriate text messaging in an ongoing case," Swenson notes, an edge of frustration in his voice -- and he neither confirms nor denies that the probe has anything to do with Masse.

In addition, the photo of Masse that appears in the Channel 31 stories online and on the air is cropped from a Denver Post shot when he was named wrestling coach of the year. It's not credited.

On the positive side, Channel 31 does have comments from a student who says his former girlfriend received a texts from Masse asking, "Sex?," and other BHS attendees say they were pulled out of class and quizzed by school personnel. According to the station, the school district isn't commenting right now, other than to say that its reps are cooperating with police.

The bottom line: Masse, who resigned from the school in February, is likely the man police are investigating -- but the BPD hasn't yet said that for certain.

Here's the Channel 31 report broadcast last night:


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