Tree removal leaves house looking bear: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration ...

Figure 67. South Park Hill: Trunk show of bear trees and blue sky.

Tree removal anywhere in the metro area is bound to make a house look more bear, and the home pictured below shows the yard-artistic differences between Northglenn and South Park Hill.

While both areas began as suburbs where "children would be free from the contaminating influence of downtown city streets," South Park Hill is clearly the more sophisticated neighborhood.

The size of the South Park Hill bear sculptures suggest that they were carved out of trees that had grown too large for their proximity to the house. The fine carving and pose of the mother and her two cubs indicate that the sculptor is a professional yard artist who is skilled with tools and familiar with the physiology of bears. The home owner's choice of this artist demonstrates the keen eye of a good neighbor and the independent character of a great neighborhood.

Here's another look:

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