Twelve-inch plastic men invade the Bug tonight!

Did you hear the one about the miniature pianist?

You’ve probably been wondering: Isn’t it about the time of year for the GI Joe Stop-Motion Film Festival?

Well you can quit your wondering, my friend. In fact, you can quit thinking altogether. Because the film fest that no one except organizer Gio Toninelo could have dreamed up, let alone expected to last another year, has, amazingly enough, grown bigger, bloodier and more hilarious.

I know because I was one of the folks who crammed onto Toninelo’s Lower Highland front porch for a special judge’s screening of the entries, which range from amusing mini-shorts to highly-choreographed action extravaganzas worthy of a Jerry Bruckheimer blow-out.

But you can judge for yourself tonight starting at 8pm at the Bug Theater, the first stop in a nation-wide tour. Tickets are $12 – but well worth the wonder. Check out the trailer after the jump.– Jared Jacang Maher

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Jared Jacang Maher