Twitter is abuzz with Denverites whining and rejoicing at the city's total lack of snow

The East Coast is getting a shit-ton of snow, according to such venerable news sources as the New York Times and my mother, who texted me pictures of human-sized snow piles this morning. But thus far, Denver is bone-dry. It's a fact that everyone here seems to have noticed -- and tweeted about it. Click through for ten randomly selected tweets about Denver's (glorious) blizzard-less winter.

Its funny how the south got hella snow for Christmas but we in Denver and ain't get shit! #wtfless than a minute ago via Plume

Well hello Denver. I'm very happy that you're not covered in snow and that your airport is humming.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

There's something so fundamentally wrong about late-December snow in Georgia and temps in the 60s in Denver. The planet is saying **** you.less than a minute ago via web

Taking a snow day today off work...oh wait, Denver did't get any snow! Oh well. Vacation day off!less than a minute ago via web

Although I love that it's been nice in Denver, I do wish we had some snow here like they're getting in the northeast. I have snowboots! Grrrless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Dear NYC, we want your snow. Signed Denver.less than a minute ago via web

@bunkycooks You think Twitter is weird? I think it weird that Denver is dry and Atlanta had snow.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

It's so nice not having a car encased in road salt and dirty snow. Denver is having the mildest winter ever. #TweetsToAnnoyTheNortheastless than a minute ago via web

EVERYONE has snow except DENVER. Is this some sort of weird Twilight Zone episode, or what?less than a minute ago via web

The last time Denver had so little snow was back in the 1800's. I wish it would at least rain.less than a minute ago via view On

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