Top 20 Tweets Begging Sorry Broncos to Sign Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow (left) and Colin Kaepernick (right) kneel, albeit for different reasons, while Trevor Siemian is seen a second from being flat on his back.
Tim Tebow (left) and Colin Kaepernick (right) kneel, albeit for different reasons, while Trevor Siemian is seen a second from being flat on his back. File photo/YouTube/YouTube
Your Denver Broncos knew their October 22 rematch with the Los Angeles Chargers was a must-win game after an embarrassing loss to the New York Giants and the angry tweet-storm that followed. But instead of reasserting their dominance over Philip Rivers and company, they laid their biggest goose egg of a generation. The Broncos' 21-0 defeat in a nearly empty L.A.-area soccer stadium marked their first shutout since 1992, a span of a quarter-century, and prompted desperate fans on social media to call for current Denver signal-caller Trevor Siemian to be replaced by either the controversial Colin Kaepernick or the sainted but ineffective Tim Tebow, as seen in the Twitter roundup below.

For the past two seasons, I've been rooting for Siemian because we're both former attendees of Northwestern, which has seldom been mistaken for a football powerhouse. Indeed, I got my start at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism during a period (1989-1990) when Wildcats boosters were legitimately afraid the college would get kicked out of the Big Ten to make room for Penn State, as well as for general ineptitude. The team went 0-11 in 1989, giving attendees plenty of opportunities to unleash this chant at victorious squads: "That's all right!/That's okay!/’Cause you'll be working for us someday!"

In my case, this boast proved to be totally false, but whatever....

Still, even Northwestern alums will have to admit that Siemian shows no signs of developing into a reliable, or even mildly competent, NFL quarterback. He can move the ball in the middle of the field, when it doesn't matter, but in big moments, when the true greats step up, he crumbles, hurling brain-dead interceptions, doing Statue of Liberty impressions prior to strip sacks or simply missing open targets. He's not the answer, no matter how much Broncos boss John Elway would like us to pretend otherwise. And while Elway is undeniably the greatest player in franchise history, he's proving to have little aptitude for drafting and developing QB talent. Exhibit A: Brock Osweiler. Exhibit B: Paxton Lynch.

So bad has the situation gotten that plenty of fans want Denver to pick up Colin Kaepernick, who's been effectively blackballed from the league for taking-a-knee demonstrations during the national anthem while a member of the San Francisco 49ers. And if Elway balks at that because of his hypocritical plea to keep politics out of football — not to mention word that at least two advertisers have pulled out of 850 KOA's Broncos broadcasts because of the protests — there are still plenty of true believers who'd like to give Tim Tebow another chance, even though he's currently a professional baseball player with the New York Mets organization. After all, Timmy made kneeling during games popular.

Man, things have gotten bad — and fast. Count down our picks for the twenty most memorable Broncos tweets related to Siemian, Kaepernick and Tebow below.

Number 20:
Number 19:

Number 18:

Number 17:

Number 16:

Number 15:

Number 14:

Number 13:

Number 12:

Number 11:

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