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Twitter Tuesday: Halloween Twitpoll

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Halloween is rapidly approaching and we're already a-quiver with excitement. Next to New Year's Eve, Halloween is probably the biggest excuse of the year for adults to go out and act foolish and immature -- good times! We can't wait to see the parade of sexy witches, sexy vampires, sexy cops and other distressingly unimaginative costumes with the word sexy prefacing them. More to the point, we wanted to know what you would be doing while dressed in those sexy whatever costumes, so we asked, via Twitter. And you answered...

Your responses to variations on "What are your crazy (or mundane) plans for Halloween?"

@Cailining: Going to a friend's party for Halloween. Awesomeness: Daylight savings starts @ 2am Nov 1st = AN EXTRA HOUR TO PARTY!

@dannynewman: Halloween Plans: Zombie Crawl (Oct 24th, Skyline Park)!

@artbynemo: i might be staying home, unless i find out about a bad ass party, anyone?

@artbynemo: i wanted to have my last saturday open studio but i dont think people will come out and yes lots of blood

@chrismackintosh: Ghostface Killah at the Fox in Boulder.

@jennyblumberg: Rocky Horror @ Esquire theater Fri and Sat, Motet on Sat, maybe hit up Boo-lesque show at Lannie's Clocktower too!! Awoooooo

@PuddleMonkey: The only crazy thing I'm planning on Halloween is wear pair of 4-inch platform heels to Sounds concert. Rest of costume TBD.

@ManeRok: Possibly rocking the Analog Space Party @ The Meadowlark! if @peternoir would quit sleeping.

@dizz2108: RJD2 / Bassnectar at the Fillmore. Will be a wiiiiicked fun time

@cguese: re: Halloween, I'm dressing up as myself. I'm already pretty ghastly as is.

@cacheflowe : I'll be playing a fun underground electronic party: Whomp-O-Ween

@KimberlyP: Potluck involving lots of melted cheese, tossing candy at kids, & dog humiliation involving cheap costume, camera & Flickr.

@TheLadyGeek: crazy frat-style party the night before and rocky horror picture show at midnight on halloween

@defconqueso: My halloween plans: Nachos, vodka, Kool-Aid(tm), AbFab reruns and shame

@Irant: @LeSparkie and I are going to dress our baby girl up as me, then make fun of her and scar her for life ...

@TheMileHighFan: Halloween plans: Point sprinklers toward sidewalk...

@colorado_music: seeing @MeeseMusic of course!!

@ADDcrafter: Haloween plans! Mall Crawl at 40? Maybe!

@WookieeBoy: Not halloween, but still applicable: http://eyeheartbrains.com/

@danalstone: Watching Fla. vs. Ga. and Trick-or-Treating with little one in the 'hood. Very exciting, I know!

@violoarlz: finding a table at the window on Pearl St. (Boulder) to watch the crazies & see if there will be any naked pumpkin runners

@voteforgrant: ask me again after a few beers.

@polly_kemp: Hope 2 see Devotchka @Boulder Theater then mallcrawl?

So, there you have it: lots of concerts, some cruelty to children, plenty of booze. The usual, in other words. Thanks to everyone that participated, and be sure to follow @DenverWestword to participate in our next TwitPoll. Or just leave us a comment and add your awesome Halloween plans that way.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.