Twitter Tuesday: Patrick Hester, our featured Twit

Our featured Twit this week is one Patrick Hester, or @atfmb, as he's known on Twitter. In addition to his very fine hat, Hester is a Denver writer, blogger and Twitter wit who captured our attention with this plea: "How about me?! I'm a Denveridianiteism looking to be a published author and king of the world. Or the office. I'm not picky."

We figured we better get on his good side in case that king thing works out. Learn all about Hester in 140-character bursts below:

@DenverWestword: Justify your following -- why should people follow you?

@atfmb: Well, I've been told I'm very amusing. Oh, & I'm one lab accident shy of becoming a super villain. (I totally stole that)

@DenverWestword: What brought you to Twitter?

@atfmb: Left turn at Albuquerque... Actually, I was intrigued by all the talk & wanted to check it out for myself. Glad I did.

@atfmb: I've been amazed by the community that's grown with Twitter. Tons of amazing people to follow and check out. Like me! :D

@DenverWestword: What do you tweet about usually?

@atfmb: 'atfmb' stands for 'all things from my brain' but usually:Tech stuff, scifi/fantasy, books, tv, music, games, comics & life

@DenverWestword: What keeps you busy offline (aka in real life)?

@atfmb: Several things; to pay the bills I'm the marketing director for a local Denver company. Email, web, print-I do it all.

@atfmb: I'm also the most inconsistent blogger ever over at my website, www.atfmb.com. Which is why it's 'All things from my brain'

@atfmb: AND, I'm an unpublished author looking for an agent. I publish stuff at my blog & a scifi serial at www.atfmb.com/Evermist

@atfmb: Lastly, I have a podcast that's coming back in January once I settle into a new house. Moving in December sucks.

@DenverWestword: Open tweeting: A chance to say something funny, clever or just to convince doubters to follow you: GO!

@atfmb: (ACK! THE PRESSURE!) Um... FOR THE HORDE! (eeep... they might not know what that means..) Um... I have a key to the TARDIS!

@atfmb: I have a cool hat? You know you want to follow a cool hat. Also, I'm an unofficial Denver tour guide (for family & friends)

@atfmb: ...I fail at open tweeting.

@DenverWestword: Awesome. Any last tweets before we let you get back to whatever you do when you aren't being interviewed via Twitter?

@atfmb: Yes - thanks for picking me. Come check me out on Twitter-you may like it. :)

Got a favorite Twit we should feature? Maybe you? Follow us at @DenverWestword, tweet to us why they/you should be followed and we'll be in touch.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.