Two Broncos Tackle Ray Rice Controversy on Twitter, Dozens Don't

The scandal over the release of a video showing Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice brutally punching his ex-fiancee/now-wife continues to build, with the NFL currently scrambling to deal with reports that a league rep received a copy of the clip in April despite claims that no one in the office had seen it. That made us curious to discover how many members of the Denver Broncos had tackled the topic on Twitter. Our dispiriting estimate: two. Look below to see who spoke up -- and the dozens who haven't thus far.

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By far the most vocal and passionate poster has been defensive lineman Terrance Knighton, known by the nickname Pot Roast. Here are four tweets he unleashed shortly after the video's release.

Also making his feelings known was defensive back Chris Harris, who tweeted the following:

That leaves a lot of folks with nothing to tweet on the topic. We visited each account on the Denver Post's lengthy and comprehensive list of Broncos on Twitter, and unless we missed something (which is possible, but we tried to be thorough), the following Broncos personnel steered clear of the story:

Apparently, all of them are ready for some football, however....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.