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Tyrus Vanmatre, wannabe model, accused of attacking teen with machete

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Over the past couple of weeks, information has emerged about a bizarre series of events in Summit County. At the center of them is Tyrus Vanmatre, a twenty-year-old from Littleton who's gone from being a hockey standout and aspiring actor/model to an arrestee for allegedly attacking a teenager with a machete.

Continue for more photos, a video and the strange details.

Vanmatre's Facebook page includes only a couple of images, including this one....

...and this one: But there are many more images on a Vanmatre page from StarNow, a website for people interested in acting and modeling. Here's a screen capture of three portraits.... ...plus another trio of shots.... ...plus two more: His profile reads:

I used to be a hockey player so I am very familiar with competition. I have never been an actor but I am taking an acting and modeling class with MTM Denver, and I am doing very well. I have hit a wall in my hockey career and I am looking to become an actor. I have been all over the country and to a few places in Europe to compete, so I am not afraid to travel to where I am needed. I understand that hard work is always needed and I will put in my heart and soul to succeed in my new career.

Under the "acting" tab on the page, Vanmatre maintains that he's mastered the "USA California" accent and notes, "I have always wanted to be an actor and I believe I would do very well as one. I have been told that I should get into acting or modeling. I have never really applied myself in this career because of my hockey career but I want to learn and make something of myself as an actor. I am funny, charming, and I learn new things very fast."

The references to hockey are borne out by numerous online references, including a Summit County Times article from March 2012 revealing that Vanmatre earned all-conference honorable mention while playing at Summit High School. The piece says that as the SHS goalie, he "started every game, led the league in saves and was one of three goalies in the conference to get two shutouts."

Now, however, he's been accused of doing far more than keeping pucks out of the net.

Continue for more about the arrest of Tyrus Vanmatre, including additional photos and a video. Shortly after 3 a.m. on June 17, according to the Summit County Sheriff's Office, a deputy on patrol spotted an eighteen-year-old subsequently identified as Jadon Jellis stumbling along Swan Mountain Road near Sapphire Point. He's said to have been covered with blood and suffering from "obvious facial lacerations." Jellis was rushed to a medical facility in Frisco, but his condition was serious enough that he was soon transferred to St. Anthony hospital in Denver.

During an interview with authorities, Jellis is said to have identified Vanmatre as his attacker. According to CBS4, the two made a connection after Vanmatre met Jellis's brother in an acting class. Vanmatre and Jadon grew close so quickly that they even made plans to move in together.

Somewhere along the lines, however, the relationship obviously soured. Jellis is said to believe Vanmatre stole several thousand dollars from him -- but such an offense pales in comparison with what came next.

An arrest affidavit cited by CBS4 states that Vanmatre lured Jellis into the area on the pretext that they were "going to do a job" -- an allusion to a possible home invasion. But before that happened, Vanmatre, assisted by an unnamed sixteen-year-old, attacked Jellis with a machete in a heavily wooded area.

Turns out Vanmatre wasn't the only one armed. Jellis reportedly had obtained two throwing knives from Vanmatre's car and used them to defend himself long enough to flee into the woods and elude the others until he was found by the deputy.

Meanwhile, Vanmatre sustained injuries, too, with him winding up at St. Anthony at the same time Jellis was also receiving treatment there. That explains why Vanmatre's mug shot pictures him with a hospital pillow behind his head.

Vanmatre was arrested on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder, plus conspiracy, assault in the first degree and menacing.

Look below to see the aforementioned Vanmatre booking photo, followed by a CBS4 report.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.