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UFO sightings over Denver, NYC show ET commissions are needed, Jeff Peckman says

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Over the past week or so, UFO sightings have been reported over Denver, New York City, El Paso and Richmond. Whether any of them are either connected or legitimate Jeff Peckman can't say -- but the man behind Initiative 300, which would establish an extraterrestrial affairs commission, feels that interest is building in regard to the subject of alien life in general, and he hopes it translates to support at the polls.

"This could definitely change our perspective on human history, on government, on possibilities for clean energy technology, on cures for cancer of extraterrestrial origin," he says.

Peckman's been so busy with his campaign that he hasn't had a chance to follow the recent rash of UFO reports as closely as he might have under other circumstances. "I'd been given information through some channels that there would be some sightings globally around the 13th of this month -- some probability about sightings, although they weren't a certainty," he allows. "And I've heard things about sightings in other parts of the world: Ohio, Malaysia, Texas, the Golden Gate Bridge, China, where I understand some airports were shut down because of it."

He understands correctly, as documented in this Huffington Post item.

"There does seem to be an acceleration, an increase in sightings," he adds -- one reason why he was excited to hear about a plan by Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, to launch what Peckman refers to as an ET ballot measure in the Big Apple.

If Luckman follows through, he'd do well to speak with Peckman about the challenges of campaigning for the issue.

Among the challenges Peckman mentions: "The Denver Democratic Party grouped Initiative 300 in all of the 'numbered' initiatives, because they have this issue about voting no on the numbers" -- a reference to the campaigns against amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101. "But they're not making a distinction about 300, on which they have no position -- they're neutral.

"And there's also some misinformation coming out of the Denver budget director's office. We've already confirmed that this wouldn't cost anything for taxpayers, but they listed potential reimbursable costs that are about ten times more than the actual total. So there's been a lot of damage control we shouldn't have to do."

Example: Peckman's posted a detailed list of "corrections" to the budget office's estimate in the voter education section on his website, ExtraCampaign.org.

Also available -- an elaborate, eight-page voter information packet. "Two Denver League of Women voters volunteers called it a collector's item and asked me to sign it," he notes.

According to Peckman, he's been hearing positive responses to Initiative 300, although he's not so cocky as to predict victory. "Whether or not the trajectory is coming with enough time to get the people informed, I don't know," he admits.

Meanwhile, at Westword's request, he takes a few minutes to examine a video snippet posted to YouTube that purports to show a UFO over Denver. Afterward, he stops short of proclaiming its authenticity.

"I wouldn't immediately draw a conclusion that it's real," he allows. "But it looks like some kind of Delta craft. It could very likely be military."

Page down to judge for yourself -- and also to see a clip of Peckman being interviewed by David Letterman back in 2008.

More from our News archive: "UFO believer Jeff Peckman's letter to Barack Obama: 'Tear down this wall' of UFO secrecy.'"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.