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Uncensored Reactions to CDOT's New Seat-Belt Billboard Campaign

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In recent days, you may have seen examples of the Colorado Department of Transportation's new seat-belt-safety billboard campaign.

Last week, billboards went up at locations such as I-70 and Wadsworth, Leetsdale and Holly and Sixth Avenue east of I-25 with phrases such as "Life or Death," "Windshield Ejection" and "Brain Damage," as seen above.

Then, yesterday, a giant seat belt was added to the signs, along with a new slogan: "Buckle Up. Seatbelt Enforcement Is On."

On Friday, prior to the appearance of the belts and extra phrases, CDOT asked visitors to its Facebook page what they thought of the campaign — and as 7News points out, the reaction was frequently nasty.

What the station couldn't note, however, was just how nasty things got. At this writing, CDOT doesn't appear to have deleted any of the responses, which include numerous memes and messages that hardly qualify as family friendly.

Fortunately, we can share the uncensored results. Check them out below.

Yeah, thanks for taking taxes to put up secret signs to distract drivers that are about how distracted driving is a bad idea. EXCELLENT PLAN, FUCKHEADS.

How about "Stop reading our signs and watch out for potholes we are not fixing because we spent all our money on signs."

All the fuckin outta towners!!!!!!

I saw one and immediately googled it with my in-dash distraction device....

Colorado roads. Brain damage — from the pot hole you hit reading their stupid signs. Life or death- is what's gonna happen from trying not to hit one of those big ass pot holes. Smh. Colorado Has a lottery tax and now a marijuana tax and our roads still are the worst in the nation. I don't need no signs for that. Make a sign saying construction coming soon. to fix our roads. Hahaha.

Holy crap tax payers spent money on bill boards?????? WTF there is a stretch of every road I have been on in the last 3 months that could have been money put to better use. Way to go morons

See, ANY asshole can point out problems. Only a true leader can offer solutions. You guys are clearly just assholes.

It looks like the font for crown royal. It effectively gave me ideas for what to do today.

Fix potholes that are on the most commuted on roads in downtown Denver dumbasses.

They're to waste taxpayers money. What a joke. Funds could have been spent more wisely. This question was to inflate the ego of an individual in position who had this lame idea. Government employees at their best. SMH in disappointment.

All of these people bitchin bout there awful roads full of stupid big potholes && motha fuckin construction everywhere bahaha.

I get the campaign for safety reasons. What I don't understand is where all the tax money goes. Our roads can be a lot better if we put that as a top priority. All the potholes are actually a safety hazard. If you hit one wrong, or blow a tire on Academy, then you become a road block and have to stop traffic. I get that some are being covered up(not fixed), but why the hell does government need pay raises, why are we putting in tax money for campaigns that we should already know about? Speeding is a given. Don't speed. Wear your seatbelt. Watch for other drivers, including bikers. Don't drive high, don't drunk drive. Those are all a given. Make sure the police crack down on it. Don't spend a bunch of our taxes on campaigns that we should already know about. Things we should already do, or know not to do. Instead, fix our schools, our roads, our community.

I don't bother looking at lame signs, I barely look at street signs.

This didn't go how you guys were hoping Huh?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.