Update: Denver's Eight Most Dangerous Intersections

Back in 2009, our Alan Prendergast assembled the definitive list of Denver's eight worst intersections.

And according to more recent information assembled by the McDivitt Law Firm, many of them haven't improved since then — although the rankings are in a different order.

Look below to count down the top — or perhaps we should say "bottom" — eight.

Each selection is accompanied by an interactive graphic featuring the location; if you have problems seeing the images, click "View on Google Maps." The original McDivitt post can be found here.

Number 8: Monaco Parkway and Hampden Avenue

A handful of local strip malls and a popular I-25 exit make this intersection dreadful, and it’s often congested even on weekends.

Number 7: Colorado Boulevard and 6th Avenue

This intersection provides a connecting thoroughfare to several other major intersections, which means it quickly gets choked off by traffic. More than 18,000 vehicles cross this intersection during rush hour every day.

Number 6: Colorado Boulevard and Mexico Avenue

Traffic from I-25 conspires with shoppers at local big box stores to result in a traffic nightmare. Particularly during peak shopping hours – lunch time and after work – this intersection can become a serious mess.

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