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Update: Jack Elway tore out some of girlfriend's hair and extensions, police report says

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Update: Yesterday, we shared with you early reports about the arrest of Jack Elway, son of Broncos great John Elway, on charges related to domestic violence; see our previous coverage below.

Now, the probable-cause statement naming Jack has been released -- read it here in its entirety -- and some of the specifics differ from those that initially surfaced. The document contends that Elway the Younger pulled his girlfriend from his car so violently that he tore out some of her hair, as well as hair extensions.

According to the report (first obtained by the Denver Post), a Denver police officer responded to a call near the intersection of West Colfax and North Lipan street, near the Auraria campus. That area is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

There, he spoke with a woman whose name is not being made public. She said she'd been assaulted by her boyfriend of one year: John Albert Elway III, better known as Jack.

The pair had been in a verbal argument, the woman said, when Jack got out of the vehicle, then pulled her out after him, using her hair to do so.

The report says this action caused "her hair extensions and some of her real hair to be ripped out."

Once outside the vehicle, the woman maintained that she tried to get up and climb back into the vehicle, but Jack "pushed her down to the ground again," causing her to scrape her knees in the process.

Where was Jack? He'd allegedly fled the scene prior to the officer's arrival, leaving behind his car and his California driver's license as he crossed through the campus. However, the woman reportedly told the cop he could be located at the Cherry Hills Village home of his famous father.

Shortly thereafter, local police went to the residence, picked up Jack without incident and transported him to Denver jail.

As we've previously reported, Jack is due in court on Thursday, where he can expect to be the subject of more snapshots. In the meantime, here's his booking photo, followed by the probable cause statement and our previous coverage.

Jack Elway Probable Cause Statement

Continue to read our previous coverage about the arrest of Jack Elway, including additional photos and a video. Original post, 9:50 a.m. June 2: In a 2006 blog post, we referred to Jack Elway as a "fortunate son," owing to the rapturous coverage of his debut as quarterback for Cherry Creek High School -- a media reception that said more about his dad, Broncos legend John Elway, than it did about the teen's play of the field.

Now, however, Jack, now 24, is experiencing the flip side of inherited fame -- a press barrage based on his Friday arrest on charges related to alleged domestic violence.

Although Cherry Creek High won its first game with young Elway at the helm, the Denver Post noted that the squad's special teams unit had been mostly responsible for the victory. That didn't stop the Elway-centric hyperbole, however. Here's an excerpt from our original post:

Predictably, Channel 4, the official Broncos station, provided some of the most over-the-top reportage, with Marcia Neville, the normally reliable high-school-sports specialist, gushing about young Jack's performance like a broken water main. But Neville was hardly alone in this respect. Channel 7's Steve Gottsegen put together a package about Jack that was equally noxious. After it was rebroadcast earlier today on Channel 7's morning show, anchor Katie Trexler bubbled about how wonderful it would be if Jack played for his daddy's old team someday!

Things didn't work out that way. In April 2009, as we reported at the time, Jack, who'd graduated from Creek and was attending Arizona State University, announced that he was quitting football because he was tired of the game.

According to CBS4, which broke the Elway arrest story, Jack remained at ASU after leaving the gridiron; his Facebook page says he graduated with a business degree in 2011.

Since then, Jack, whose given moniker is John Elway III (he's nicknamed for his grandfather), has stayed out of the headlines -- but that's changed in a big way. CBS4 reveals that he was taken into custody following an incident last Friday, May 30, near the intersection of Colfax and Lipan in which he's said to have pushed a 23-year-old woman from a moving car.

The woman apparently didn't suffer visible injuries, but the station notes that a protection order has been issued in the case.

Jack, who was booked on assault and disturbing-the-peace counts, was released from custody on a $550 bond and is due in court on Thursday. Expect a gaggle of cameras to be waiting for him -- a welcoming party that may not make him feel like such a fortunate son. Here's the aforementioned CBS4 report.

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More from our News archive circa April 2009: "Another blow to Broncos fans: Jack Elway quits football."

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