Update: RV driver charged in road-rage case, taking the sting out of our Hummer jokes

Earlier this week we told you about the Hummer driver who, in a fit of road rage, was believed by state-patrol troopers to have caused a multi-vehicle accident that left a motorcyclist in critical condition. Because he was driving a Hummer, and because I'm a predictable knee-jerk liberal with a small Japanese car that I secretly use to drive anywhere farther than 75 feet, I made lots of jokes about the driver, most of them involving his politics and his penis size.

And while those jokes may still be valid -- authorities are still looking for the Hummer driver -- it turns out I should have been focusing my attention on the RV driver. The Larimer County District Attorney has charged that man, 30-year-old Sean Cheese of Fort Collins, with vehicular assault, the Fort Collins Coloradoan reported this morning. I fished spokeswoman Linda Jensen for more details -- as in, what the hell was going on out there -- but she wouldn't say anything more. According to the Coloradoan, a witness saw the RV swerve recklessly into the silver Hummer before striking the motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the man on that motorcycle, Donald E. Mills Jr., remains unconscious and has already lost a leg to the accident. Here's hoping he makes a full recovery, and that they let him keep his leg, so he can dip it in cement and beat the shit out whoever turns out to be responsible.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.