Urine drinker will have to hold it -- his hope that he's not convicted, that is -- a little longer

The world will have to wait a little bit longer to learn the fate of the Niwot urine-drinker.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the retrial of Joseph Cardillo has been postponed because his new attorney needs time to catch up on the case. And what a case it is.

Cardillo, who says he attended nudist schools and underwent "urine therapy" (whatever that is), stands accused of hanging out naked with an eight-year-old girl whom he babysat for a friend. The police say Cardillo bathed and slept with the girl and used a sex toy on her. They also say he drank her urine. From his cupped hands. Because, he says, she wanted him to.

He added that he was never aroused by any of it. Sure.

Cardillo's first trial, which took place in October, ended in a mistrial when the twelve jurors couldn't decide on his fate. A source told the Camera that eleven jurors agreed to convict Cardillo but one insisted he was not guilty.

Was that juror named R. Kelly, by any chance?

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