Used car dealer chooses Mafia-style sales approach: Kenny Be's Sign Language

The logo for The Auto Ranch, seen in the photograph above, includes the distinctive design of a hand holding a marionette's control bar. This used car dealer has directly lifted the imagery from the famous cover design of Mario Puzo's internationally acclaimed novel, The Godfather. Setting aside the legal issues of copyrighted images, doesn't it seem a bit strange that a used car dealer would steal an image that is synonymous with the mafia? When choosing to use New York City gangsters as a sales shtick, why not just dump the western "ranch" association and just go by the name, The Carfather?

Note to window sign painter: Your/You're is widely accepted as the most confusing aspect of grammar for fugazi goombahs. Not knowing the correct word to use when painting the phrase "Your approved w.a.c.," on the window proves that you're a stungatz.

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Kenny Be
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