Reader: A Shot at a Million Just for Getting Vaccinated? Thanks, Governor!

Reader: A Shot at a Million Just for Getting Vaccinated? Thanks, Governor!
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Colorado has passed the three-million mark for residents getting vaccinated for COVID-19, with more than 60.7 percent of those eligible vaccinated with at least one dose and more than 2.5 million people fully immunized.

“We’ve successfully protected more than half our state from this deadly virus, and I’m proud of the work so many Coloradans have put into reaching this milestone,” Governor Jared Polis said in an announcement of the latest numbers. “We’ve all hoped for the day when we can take off our mask, hug friends and family and enjoy the sunshine — this vaccine makes it possible. Each person who gets vaccinated makes our community safer.”

Even if you have to offer those procastinators and/or protesters who have yet to get vaccinated a shot at a million bucks as incentive to get jabbed. On May 25, Polis made an over-the-top pitch for the Colorado Comeback Cash campaign, and while the first drawing isn't until June 4, it's already paid off with plenty of comments on the Westword Facebook page post, including one on the governor's enthusiastic performance. Says Martin:

That was the goofiest thing ever. It was like Blinky the clown was back on the air.

Notes Sarah: 

A shot at a million just for getting vaccinated? I'm there. Thanks, Governor Polis.

Comments Josh:

What an excellent waste of state funds. I remember a year ago when this exact scenario was a "conspiricy theory." So embarassed of our leaders.

Responds Soren:

 They're federal funds specifically earmarked for vaccine marketing. Colorado isn't the only state to use a lotto system to encourage vaccination.

Adds Melissa: 

Quit whining. That money would otherwise be used on commercials telling everyone to get a vaccine. Hopefully, it goes to someone who really needs it right now.

Wonders Whitney:

I don’t understand the need to coerce people, or bribe people into it. Let people make their own medical decisions.

Replies Jack:

You’re still allowed to make your own decision here. Hahaha.

Warns Sarah:

Check the CIIS for your records. Mine weren’t in there over an old address.

Notes Kevin: 

I can't even find where to search.

If you've been vaccinated in Colorado and want to make sure you'll be entered in the Colorado Comeback Cash drawing, head to the Colorado Immunization Information System right here.

Did you find your name? We didn't find ours, either. But most omissions are the fault of the vaccine provider, not the state.

Good luck!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.