Vick to Broncos: It ain't happening

InDenver Times' Hunter Ashley has become the first quasi-media-type to address the non-existing rumors that dog-whacking former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, now an officially free man, could get a look from the Broncos this off-season:

Maybe because the media on the outside is still scratching their heads over the Jay Cutler trade. Maybe they think that with McDaniels at the helm, anything is possible. But dropping a runny-nosed prima donna and picking up a safe, savvy passer is a far cry from employing a guy with the baggage of Michael Vick.

I've heard the whispers that the new staff is enamored with the "wildcat" formation. And from a pure talent perspective there might not be a better-suited athlete to run that scheme. It's not like Kyle Orton and Chris Simms are in any danger of being mistaken for Usain Bolt. Still, something just doesn't feel kosher about Vick the Bronco. The controversy cup in Denver has to be full by now. We're trying to run an organization here, not a VH1 reality show. I'd rather see Ryan Clady line up under center if it meant one week of flying under the radar.

Expect such whispers to get louder with every mention of the Broncos in every report on teams with quarterback issues. But know this: Even Josh McDaniels isn't brash enough to bring Vick into one of America's most dog-obsessed cities to run the occasional gadget play -- especially when Vick could still miss a few games. You know, for violation of the league's dog-murdering policy.

So sit, PETA, sit. Good girl.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.