Video: Highlands Mommies take us on a windshield tour of the 'hood ... in a minivan

The Highlands Mommies love northwest Denver. Like, love-love. Like, if the neighborhood were human, they would marry it. Why? As Mommies managing director Elina Martinez tells us in this week's cover story, "The Mommies," "I can go to Mass, the panadería, get my hair did and do yoga within like six blocks."

So what do the Highlands look like? We asked Lauren Wolf, a Mommy of two who rarely leaves the 80211, to take us on a tour.

As we filmed, Wolf and fellow Mommy Angela Tolar cruised in Wolf's minivan along the commercial strips that dot the Highlands, a neighborhood that's seen its fair share of gentrification. Wolf and Tolar pointed out long-established taco joints, brand-new burger spots, the beloved bowling alley, the brightly painted puppet theater, and the combination of decades-old bungalows and months-old condos that characterize the area.

Check it out!

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