Video: In New Sack Dance, Von Miller Pretends to do Key & Peele Pelvic Pump

Among the highlights of yesterday's Broncos win over the Minnesota Vikings was Von Miller's latest sack dance, in which he seemed ready to repeat a Key& Peele-inspired feat that resulted in a fine by the NFL — only to psyche out the bean counters, who would no doubt have lightened his wallet again.

To explain:

In a classic Key & Peele skit, a receiver named Hingle McCringleberry celebrates a touchdown by putting his hands on top of his head and thrusting his hips, with his actions knocking out fellow players a la Austin Powers mowing down fembots.

McCringleberry is penalized for the dance because, according to the announcers, he did three hip pumps when the NFL limits the number of allowable thrusts to two.

Here's the clip:

Cut to the Broncos' victory over the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this season.

After Miller sacked KC quarterback Alex Smith, he offered his version of the Key & Peele routine.

But just to be safe, he only pumped his hips twice.

Here's a GIF showing that moment:

Unfortunately, the real NFL wasn't amused and fined Miller $11,567 for the dance — which breaks down to $5,783.50 per pump.

As a result, Broncos Nation was eager to see what Miller would do if he got a chance to sack Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater yesterday — and he did.

Afterward, Miller put his hands on top of his head as he'd done before — then looked from side to side warily before keeping his pelvis unpopped.

Here's that moment.

We're pretty sure Miller will avoid a fine this time around — and if he doesn't, we'll have proof once and for all that "NFL" really does stand for "No Fun League."

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