Video: Kyle Dyer on Today show concedes mistake led to dog bite

No denying that the Kyle Dyer on-air dog bite incident struck a nerve with the viewing public, as stories about animals often do.

The fascination culminated this morning with her appearance on the Today show, which devoted more than five minutes to the subject the day after a lethal school shooting in Ohio. See the clip below.

The segment, which included material shot in Denver with Dyer's husband and kids, does not include the bite itself -- although footage of Max, the recently rescued Argentine Mastiff that did the damage, was slowed down in some of the same ways that guest Denver Post commentator John Moore and 9News entertainment reporter Kirk Montgomery criticized Fox31 for doing a week or so back. In addition, gruesome post-operative shots of Dyer earned screen time prior to the actual interview segment.

Today anchor Ann Curry isn't known for her hard-hitting approach, but she did directly ask the one question Dyer's morning show co-anchor, Gary Shapiro, skirted in her first interview about the incident, aired by 9News last week: Did she feel she'd made a mistake by getting too close to the dog? Dyer said yes and talked about how she hoped her example would help others avoid such incidents in the future.

All in all, it's just the sort of feel-good piece you'd expect about a story that's had more legs than anyone might have anticipated at the time. Watch the clip here:

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