Video: Library Offers Up Shelter Pups for Walks, and Dreams Do Come True

As any owner of a rescued pet will tell you, just who rescued whom isn't always clear. 

On Thursday, September 15, the Denver Public Library and the Denver Animal Shelter partnered to give dogs and humans some love and a little exercise. The shelter brought some dogs in its care to the library's Central branch, at 14th and Broadway and allowed human walkers to take the pups for a stroll. Along for the ride were handlers from the shelter, who provided guidance. 

“Can you imagine what it’s like to be tethered to a desk with nothing but a mouse for entertainment?” asked DPL program manager Chris Loffelmacher in a statement. “We want to break the shackles of sedentary, corporate life for some of our downtown neighbors by getting them outside with big-hearted, friendly and adoptable dogs from the Denver Animal Shelter.”

The dog-walking program is part of the library's Around Denver program, in which the library partners with different businesses throughout September to provide free events and classes. 

If all dogs go to heaven, certainly all volunteer dog walkers do, too. 

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