Video: Rachel Maddow (and Boise, Idaho) rescoop Jeffco's Poop Fairy campaign

As we reported in Off Limits this week, MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow highlighted Jefferson County's infamous "There Is No Poop Fairy" public-service campaign campaign again last week. The county created the PSA last summer as a way to remind people who used the county's parks and open spaces to pick up after their dogs. And now the city of Boise, Idaho plans to use the idea as well.

Although the city is giving props to Jeffco, Maddow wants some credit as well. Here's Maddow's segment:

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And here's that back story on the campaign:

"Like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, the fabled poop fairy has been the stuff of legend. Flying undetected in parks, neighborhoods and schoolyards, she was said to follow close behind dogs and their owners -- picking up what the dog left behind before flying off to the next canine creation. A widespread belief that she existed seemed to reassure some that cleaning up after one's dog was sort of...optional."

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