Video: Why did a Denver official file a restraining order against Andrew Wallach? City insiders let the gossip fly

City officials get lots of cranky e-mails from residents. How cranky, you ask? Last Friday, the Denver Post reported that Jude O'Connor, a top official in the Denver Parks and Recreation Department, obtained a temporary restraining order against Andrew Wallach for sending e-mails "with a threatening undertone."

But while his e-mails may have been cranky, Wallach himself is no crank. He was the director of finance during both the Peña and Webb administrations, and he currently has a contract with the budget-and-management office to help dig the city out of its $120 million deficit. And, evidently, the subject of Wallach's e-mails to O'Connor had to do with complaints over Park and Rec finances.

So why the need for a restraining order? In the above video, posted by Denver Direct, Larry Ambrose, head of the Sloan's Neighborhood Association, and former City Council member Cathy Donohue lay out some juicy gossip on the topic at a recent committee meeting of the city-sponsored organization Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation. In addition to overseeing Denver's neighborhood groups, INC also serves as a holding pen for some of the area's most well-informed cranks. Enjoy.

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Jared Jacang Maher