Videos: Colorado snowstorm -- the agony and the ecstasy

Each year, we're reminded that April is one of the snowiest months in Colorado, and each year, we're still surprised when lovely, temperate days are followed by big dumps o' white stuff like the one that slammed the state yesterday.

A bad thing? Hell no. The gallery of photos below demonstrate the challenges of commuting in various places around the state -- but the videos that follow show the beauties on view for those who managed to reach their destination.

The Colorado Department of Transportation Facebook page provides a good way to map the progress of the storm. Here, for instance, is an image featuring views from assorted CDOT highway cams, captured during mid-morning:

A couple of hours later, this is what Vail Pass looked like at a time when eastbound traffic was closed. "It's not pretty out there," noted the CDOT page's keeper. "We have blue skies and sunshine in some areas of the state, and whiteout/blizzard conditions in others." This is a traffic-cam shot of a closed Berthoud Pass a couple of hours after the previous image was grabbed.... ...and Vail again as crews worked to open the roadway: As for the next shot, it was posted overnight along with this message: "Our sign says it all -- It's brutal out there for most of the mountains and Front Range! Our plows have been out since midnight last night, and will continue to be all night, but the snow is falling faster than we can clear it. Please be patient with us, as we can't be in all places at once, but we're doing our best. Make sure you allow plenty of time to get to work tomorrow because as temperatures drop more snow will accumulate overnight." But what about the fun part? A slew of user-generated videos ranging from time lapses to snow-angel documents take care of that. Check out a slew of them below -- and be careful out there:

Continue for more videos of our latest spring snowstorm.

Continue for more videos of our latest spring snowstorm.

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