Videos: Denver deodorant making India smell like Mile High City?

The other day, I was doing some important, business-related (really!) surfing on YouTube when I stumbled upon a series of commercials for Denver. Not the city -- the brand of deodorant products marketed to men in India.

As you'll see below, the spots are absolutely hilarious in a moronic, bimbo-centric, Axe Body Spray kinda way. But why did the company choose the Denver name? And where's it available?

The official website for Vanessa, the firm that makes this stuff, appears to be out of date, albeit still flashing up a storm, and the Facebook link on it is dead. Moreover, another Denver Facebook page, made live on April 30, has almost no content and just eight likes.

But assorted Denver products appear on shopping sites like this one, and a Denver For Men YouTube Channel includes a slew of spots, some uploaded as recently as three weeks ago.

In this one -- I found in this allegedly "banned" version, as well as edits that are slightly less hot and bothered -- two beachy dipshits ogle a bikini babe who appears to be controlled by a can of the body spray, especially after the star of the ad applies it as if he's using a fire extinguisher.

There's also this Western-themed come-on, with the deodorant residing in a holster in lieu of a gun. Be warned: The ending, which hints at Tarantino-esque ultra-violence, eventually (and unfortunately) eschews bloodshed.

Also on view: This commercial for Denver shave gel that's got a typically high trollop factor.

After cracking up at these clips, I reached out to the company and the ad agency that appears to represent it. When and if we get a response, we'll update this post. In the meantime, enjoy one more commercial -- this one featuring Kalchenko Iryna on a motorcycle and the ridiculous slogan "Ride Your Luck."

Was something lost (or gained) in translation?

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