Videos: Peyton Manning makes David Letterman say "Sh*t!"

After the Broncos' humiliating Super Bowl defeat in February, QB Peyton Manning laid low for a while. But he's back on the national stage in a big way, thanks in part to retirement-bound pal David Letterman, who devoted a huge chunk of last night's show to PM and showed his enthusiasm for his abilities at the line of scrimmage by at one point declaring, "Shit!" -- necessitating a sound drop for the host, not the guest.

In the first clip shared here, Manning talks "Omaha!" and inspires Letterman's s-bomb, which comes near the end of the bit. In the second, he discusses the not-exactly Super Bowl. In the third, he outlines his difficult comeback from neck surgery. And the fourth is a bonus -- Peyton's first Letterman invite back in 1997, when he was still in college at Tennessee and it was a helluva coup to appear on a show also featuring Courtney Cox and Shania Twain. Check out all the videos below.

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