Videos: Sh*t Tim Tebow says leads Colorado's entries in sh*t-talking trend

Earlier this week, while making a mental list of "Shit Westword Staffers Say," we decided to explore the massive "Shit __ Says" trend and its Colorado applications. It turns out, after a quick YouTube search, that there aren't a lot. Instead of "Shit People From Denver Say" ("Where are you from? No, originally") or "Shit Coloradans Say" ("Is this four-wheel drive?"), we stumbled across the state's transition to Hollywood and (duh) tons of Tebow material. Click through for videos.

3. Shit Tim Tebow Says

It's strange that the state's most YouTube-friendly representative in this noxious national trend is Tim Tebow, if only because what he says is so earnest. The star quarterback doesn't even say a lot that references the word "shit," so applying the word to a description of him is slightly awkward. This video could also be used as a drinking game: Take a shot every time Tebow thanks his lord and savior.

2. Shit Tim Tebow Wouldn't Say

Although pretty darn offensive, this clip finds a Broncos follower ribbing on the amount of genuine sentiment you can see in the first video by putting genuinely ridiculous statements into a faux Tebow's mouth. Key lines: "Where my bitches at?" "Shalom." "My favorite movie?

Human Centipede


1. Shit People From Colorado Think But Don't Say When They Live In Hollywood

Shot from the perspective of a Coloradan begrudgingly visiting Hollywood, this video's crabby narrator adds hilarity to the state stereotype while shouting at pedestrians to "Go back to Arvada!" And it comes with an important disclaimer: "If you are looking for one of the many atrocious 'Sh*t People Say' videos, you need to get a new hobby because that 'sh*t' jumped the shark about 4 months ago." So true, but still so funny.

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