Videos: Strippers and liberty co-star in Glendale mayor Mike Dunafon's reality show

This week's cover story, "Fantasy Island," tells of Glendale's quest to build a riverwalk along Cherry Creek full of restaurants, shops, theaters and bars serving booze in to-go cups. One of the project's biggest cheerleaders is Mayor Mike Dunafon, who is married to Shotgun Willie's owner Debbie Matthews; he helped usher in a new city government when the old one sought to put restrictions on strip clubs.

It's a story that the couple tells in a clip from their new reality show, Under the Gun.

Dunafon and Matthews are producing the show with a Los Angeles-based director named Patrick Guthrie, who met Dunafon during the planning for the city's Infinity Park rugby complex. According to Guthrie, Dunafon and Matthews were approached by the likes of HBO and Playboy to do a reality show centered around Matthews's club but turned down the offers when the networks wouldn't give them editorial control.

So instead, the three are going it alone. While Shotgun Willie's makes an appearance -- including what Guthrie calls "probably the best chick fight I've seen in a strip club locker room ever" -- the show seems more like a platform to showcase Dunafon's libertarian views, judging by the clips that have been posted thus far on his website, mikedunafon.com. Right now, the show is just those clips; Guthrie says they plan to produce a pilot episode soon.

"The editorial voice of the show is Mike's," Guthrie says. "He has a certain way of connecting with people that is a genuine and intuitive way. I would say that he has gravitas. When he walks in the room, everyone turns around and goes, 'Who's that guy?'"

Watch the clips below to find out.

Continue for more clips from Glendale mayor Mike Dunafon's new reality show.

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