Vintage ski equipment stash revealed by home demolition: Kenny Be's Sign Language

The sign pictured above captures the true essence of the housing situation in the University Park neighborhood. Here, Steve Luber Custom Homes announces the intention to recreate a vintage residence on a lot where a vintage residence has just been demolished. As the sign insinuates, a 4,000 square foot pressboard mini-mansion that looks nothing like the vintage house next door will claim its vintage designation with a glued-on corbel. Below, see how the demolition uncovered repressed memories of the vintage home next door... The vintage house pictured above sits next to the demolished lot and is captured here basking in the sun during the final quiet moments before the power tools pull onto the job site. Having a home built next door is a huge inconvenience. But before the headaches start and the foundation's poured, look back to the newly exposed garage wall to see a bit of the bungalow's backstory of vintage Colorado living in the 1970s... The pile of neatly stacked bricks and the abundance of skis seem to suggest that this was the home of a construction worker/downhill ski racer who raised seven sons to follow in his footsteps and ski tracks. Back in the 1970s, such families were common in all Denver neighborhoods. The guys would work construction from May until the end of October and then ski the rest of the year.

Or maybe not. In University Park these days, the vintage skis pictured above may actually be recreations of vintage skis.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.