Phil Anschutz's ride.

VIP rail cars roll into Union Station for DNC

As noted in this week’s story on Union Station, the grand old station used to welcome celebrities arriving to Denver from all over the country and the world. Now the station will once again host VIPs, since during the Democratic National Convention several rail companies will roll in their fanciest trains so delegates and hangers-on can party on them like its 1899.

Union Pacific Railroad, for example, will have 32 of its business cars and one of its two immense old steam engines on hand for the festivities. These business cars are usually used for corporate hobnobbing and other high-class events. With domed ceilings, swanky parlors and classy dining facilities, these are the limos of the rails. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, not to be outdone, is said to be chugging in thirteen of its business cars, most of which were built in the 1950s and include a dome car equipped with rows of theater-style seating. Finally, local billionaire Phil Anschutz will supposedly be showing off his three business cars, including the Kansas, above, which usually brings up the rear of the Anschutz-owned ski train.

The big shots invited on board these cars probably won’t be going very far in them – other than back and forth from the in-car bars – since the trains will likely stay put throughout the event. Once the convention wraps up, however, many of the cars will hit the 'roads -- toward Minnesota for the Republican National Convention. -- Joel Warner

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.