Von Miller, Instagram All-Pro: Our 12 Favorite Pics and Videos

Your Denver Broncos may be a number one seed going into Sunday's playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the team landed just one player on the NFL's first-team all pro squad: Von Miller.

But Von is in a league of his own when it comes to a mastery of social media — and particularly Instagram.

Miller's Instagram account, millerlite40, is a must-follow owing to the hilarious and often bizarre photos and videos he regularly shares.

Take, for instance, the effusive praise he heaps on the "crystal cups" used in the Broncos training facility — which will look exactly like common glasses to most folks, but not to him.

Count down our twelve favorite recent posts below — and be sure to check out Von on Snapchat as well.

Number 12:

The finest crystal cups for my kids @demarcusware follow me on snapchat @millerlite40

A video posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

Number 11:


A photo posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

Number 10:

"The decisions I have made, have brought me thus far" #blessed #love #Milehighmagic @future #colossal

A video posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

Number 9:

Hey Marlin, say cheese!!

A photo posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

Number 8:

Coming Soon! #love @JackoBelchPhoto

A video posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

Number 7:

Another great game! I love my dawgs!!!

A photo posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

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