Wake-Up Call: Frazier's congressional run no trial balloon

Ryan Frazier made a smart move, even though his announcement last Thursday that he was switching from a run for the U.S. Senate to go for the 7th Congressional District seat currently occupied by Ed Perlmutter was completely overshadowed by a certain silver balloon.

But someone took notice: The Colorado Democratic Party, which quickly sent out a release headlined "Democratic Party States Ryan Frazier Stoops To Blatant Political Opportunism:"

With his campaign for Senate plagued by poor fundraising and clearly out shadowed by other candidates in a crowded field, it's no surprise Ryan Frazier would put his political career first and quit the Senate race to run for Congress.

"His prospects in the Senate race dim, job-shopper Ryan Frazier pulled a move that smacks of political opportunism: abandoning the race for one office to instead run for another," said Pat Waak, Colorado Democratic Party Chair. "Coloradans are sick and tired of that brand of politics and they deserve better."

But Coloradans aren't sick and tired of competitive races. In fact, Andrew Romanoff's recent jump into the U.S. Senate race has definitely energized that Democratic contest, and Frazier taking on Perlmutter could inject some much-needed energy in both parties in the seventh.

At least the debates will be more interesting.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.