Wake-Up Call: Goldilocks and the two babies

Colorado is not all about balloon boys and terrorists -- unless you count fat babies and health insurance companies.

Senator Michael Bennet has been getting a lot of face time lately, speechifying about our broken healthcare system. And in his most recent speech, he may have finally given the debate its public face. Actually, two faces: those of Alex Lange and Aislin Bates

The 'Goldilocks Rule' should not apply when it comes to giving Coloradans the health care they need," he pronounced in a Senate speech Wednesday, citing the two Colorado children who'd been denied coverage because of their weight. Alex, a breast-fed baby in Grand Junction, was denied because he was too chubby; Aislin, a two-year-old in Erie, was too skinny. Two kids, two companies, the same decision: No.

Bennet used the two cases to illustrate a health-care system that discriminates based on pre-existing conditions, adding that it "looks like you have to be just right to get insurance, even if you're an infant."

But if you're wrong, you not only get face-time in the Senate (seen in the YouTube clip below), but on networ TV: the Today gave Colorado's denied kids chubby back-to-skinny back play this week.

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