Watch the KRDO report featuring Ted Haggard's latest accuser

Suddenly, Ted Haggard is everywhere again. Yesterday, the disgraced former pastor of Colorado Springs' New Life Church, who left that post following revelations of homosexual conduct unveiled by onetime male escort Mike Jones (who's made a new video lambasting the church), was named in headlines and featured on cable-news channels such as CNN after word leaked that another young man had come forward with an eyebrow-raising story. That tale debuted last night on KRDO-TV, Colorado Springs' ABC affiliate. In the piece, the man, identified only as Grant, says that when he told Haggard of his struggles with homosexuality, the pastor's "eyes lit up." Later, he recounts an incident when Haggard exposed himself and masturbated in Grant's presence.

Haggard's exposure will continue as the week goes on. He's scheduled a number of media appearances teasing The Trials of Ted Haggard, a new documentary by filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of House speaker Nancy Pelosi), that's slated to debut Thursday on HBO. Until then, watch the KRDO report by clicking the screen above.

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