Waylon the wandering cat: What would happen if he and found-cat Willow had babies?

The media (Westword included) loves a good lost-cat-found story. Three months after a Broomfield calico named Willow made national news (and got fondled by Anderson Cooper) when she turned up in New York City, the headlines are shouting about a tabby named Waylon who was found in Golden last week after he escaped from his owner's home in Florida in August. Which gives us a diabolical, cat-breeding idea....

What if we, er, introduced Willow and Waylon in the hopes that they'd like like each other and gift the world with a new breed of adventure-loving, media-whoring felines with W first names, adorable kitty-cat faces, terrible senses of direction and a burning desire to be fondled by Anderson Cooper? Think of the possibilities. Happy news stories! Precious quotes from politicians! And the cat memes! Oh, the cat memes.

If we go through with it, we'll have to act quickly. Word is that Waylon's owner, 39-year-old Daniel Johns of Naples, is flying to Colorado to claim his furry friend. The media is invited to watch the reunion at 10 a.m. tomorrow at Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden. Spokeswoman Jennifer Strickland says that though she's reached out to national media, Anderson Cooper has not yet RSVPed.

"We're hoping someone will bite," she says.

And we're hoping that someone will be Willow. Never-ending cat memes! Yes!

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