"We like our bubble:" Art movement comes up with perfect phrase for Boulder

The guerilla art movement wallsONwords comes up with phrases summing up different municipalities and then has local volunteers install those phrases around town. Austin, for example, was recently emblazoned with "You've always been my favorite," while Seattle scored, "If you're looking for the past, we've moved on." So what phrase did the crew come up with for Boulder, their latest target? "We like our bubble."

The goal of the project, according to the wallsONwords website, is to "celebrate the paradox, beauty and truth of a city through renegade street art."

In Boulder, reports the Colorado Daily, locals Amanda Walther and Kelsey Riley took on this challenge Monday night, installing the "We like our bubble" phrase using foot-tall letters at two locations: Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy on Broadway and Victors and Spoils, an ad agency on Pearl Street.

Pharmaca didn't waste much time scrubbing away the phrase on Tuesday morning, apparently because of "cleanliness concerns and the fact that it did not jive with the company's mission."

Sounds like the folks at Pharmaca need to expand their offerings to include some chill pills.

Victors and Spoils, on the other hand, reportedly loved their unexpected new logo. After all, whether Boulderites like it or not, the phrase in question is very much on target.

Walther and Riley plan on putting up a third phrase somewhere around town in the near future. Whether or not the locals rush to take it down, it won't stop them from still living in a bubble.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.