Web Weirdness 2.0: Burglars and Bad Breakups Brought Directly to You!

The video embedded above was posted by the Weld county sheriff's department to help catch the crooks burglarizing the pictured condo. Who knew the Internets would be turned to such weird uses? Shopping was a given, porn seems obvious in retrospect, and Star Trek discussion and flame wars were clearly going to be an integral part of such a technology-driven medium. But crime stopping? These tubes are full of some amazing stuff, no? As an aside, that video would be a lot cooler if someone put the Benny Hill music behind it... And let me add, if you recognize the burglars here, please notify the Weld County authorities post-haste.

And if that isn't weird enough for you, check out the video below, of a richy-rich socialite slagging off her soon-to-be ex-husband in a preemptive divorce strike. Web 2.0? More like weird 2.0...

[Both videos via BoingBoing]

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