Wells Fargo recruits Somali bankers in Greeley

Now is a great time to enter the banking industry, wouldn't you say? As our economy collapses, some unlucky schmuck still has to make cold calls from the vacant desks at the newly merged WaMu Chase Wachovias of America, asking customers to entrust their savings to the corporate titans who so recently, and royally, screwed them.

That's why Wells Fargo is looking to hire personal bankers in Greeley. And who better to fill the post than a group of people for whom banking is a step up the economic ladder: Somali refugees.

As Westword reported in last week's cover story ("Wage War"), more than 100 Somali Muslims were recently fired from the JBS Swift & Company meatpacking plant in Greeley. Many of the fired workers left town to find other jobs, but those who remain are eager to take whatever work they can get. They would be thrilled to see this ad recently posted on Fort Collins Craigslist:

Personal Banker -- Wells Fargo (Bilingual Spanish or Somali) (Greeley )

Minimum Qualifications: 18 years of age or older One year previous experience selling products and services One year previous experience interacting with people or customers Demonstrated ability to achieve sales goals High comfort level using computers Positive attitude Reliable attendance

Preferred Skills:
Previous experience in retail sales or the financial industry
Previous experience meeting customer satisfaction goals
Ability to work a schedule that includes working some holidays and weekends
Professional written and oral communication skills
Multilingual speakers are encouraged to apply

Unfortunately, many of Greeley's Somali refugees are new arrivals in America, and probably don't have the English skills required for the job. They also don't have a lot of money to sock away in a savings account. But it's always nice to be wanted! -- Lisa Rab

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