Westword Is Looking for a Social Media Intern

If you've used this, it may not be the spot for you.
If you've used this, it may not be the spot for you. Westword
If you spend your days perfecting your TikTok videos, maybe it’s time to get paid in more than just “likes.” Westword is seeking a video-savvy social media intern — a college student or recent college graduate — to produce and post original video content for our social media channels. We’re (absolutely) not looking for the next Addison Rae (hell, no), but someone who can complement our current coverage.

The likely candidate has prior experience with establishing and building a following, is adept at creating  relevant and engaging content, and is able to identify and contribute to social media trends. The ideal candidate will also have a background in journalism or marketing, keep up with local arts, music, events and businesses, and have authoritative opinions on who actually has the best late-night tacos.

This internship is part-time and pays $200 per week. It’s a chance for you to earn actual, tangible wages and build your real-life résumé by adding a solid bit of experience.

Send your résumé, cover letter (or even better, a short video essay) and links to your personal or professional social media channels to [email protected] But no DM follow-ups, please — we're looking for someone who knows how to observe good social media etiquette. 
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