Our last intern didn't work out.
Our last intern didn't work out.

Westword.com needs help (in so many ways)

Westword.com is looking for some help. Not full-time help, of course -- what do you think this is, 2004? -- but rather free and cheap help. We're looking for:

Freelance photographers. Specifically, we need gutsy shutterbugs who can infiltrate protests, press conferences and other events by day, and then hit bars, nightclubs, gallery openings and other parties by night.

Freelance bloggers. Do you have a kick-ass political blog that no one but your grandma reads? Can you lay verbal waste to the local sports scene but have no outlet? Whether it's these or other areas, if you can write it, we want to read it. And maybe pay you for it.

Hungry interns. We're always looking for college interns who can: contribute to our news, music and/or food blogs; shoot and edit video; help boost and manage our social-media presence; and make us laugh. Two rules: You have to receive college credit, and you can't suck. We've had some who did, and it's no fun.

If any of this applies to you, send a friendly note to joe.tone[at]westword.com with a resume, clips or maybe one of those cool videos they make you do for the Amazing Race. No phone calls please. Unless you're super nice and talented, in which case fire away.


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