We've seen the future of Writer Square, and its name is concrete

We've already discussed the plan to put a strange moat-pyramid in Writer Square on the 16th Street Mall. Our ridicule might have been a bit premature, however. Turns out the moat-pyramid is on the back burner for now, dependent on whether the right retailer comes along who's dying for a subterranean space topped off with an inexplicable glass pyramid. In other words, the plan might be on hold for a very long while.

In the meantime, Writer Square will be getting a landscaping upgrade over the next year -- and by upgrade we mean slathered over with concrete. Check out the DHR Architecture/Blue Architects concept drawing above. Lovely, isn't it? Devoid of all those pesky things like benches and trees so there's lots more room for stuff like... well, nothing. Sure, there's plenty of space for random dudes and their folding chairs, as the drawing suggests. But as Denver Infill blogger Ken Schroeppel points out on his blog, "Really, who is going to want to sit on a folding chair and play the guitar in a sun-baked concrete plaza in the middle of the summer?"

Maybe the designers wanted to craft a nostalgic ode to all of Denver's beloved surface parking lots. Or maybe they hope to someday try to land a helicopter here just for the hell of it. Or maybe it's payback from the time when they were little and a tree beat them up while a bench called them names from the sidelines. Whatever the reason, one of the many, many disapproving comments about the plan on Schroeppel's blog perfectly sums up our thoughts about the new-and-improved Writer Square: "I just threw up in mouth a little bit."

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